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About Shiloh Camp

Years ago, a group of visionaries throughout Oklahoma City came together to build a dream.  They envisioned a place for people to grow and learn, to share and create a new future…where lives would change forever.

They found it, right in the heart of Oklahoma City — 40 acres of wooded hills, open fields, streams and a small pond — and they decided to call it Shiloh.

Shiloh is known in the Bible as “a place of peace”.  Yet for far too many in our inner-city communities, it is hard to find a peace amid turmoil, hurt, and anger in their daily lives.

Our mission at Shiloh Camp is to transform our inner city with the love of Christ through sports, arts, and meaningful relationships.

Shiloh Camp provides sports, arts, adventure, Bible study, worship, and love wrapped inside of an unforgettable five days of life changing experience.   Our goal is to teach, train, and model Christ’s love to children from our community in a culturally relevant environment that will serve as a model of excellence for our city and the country.  Shiloh Camp builds confidence, equips the mind and spirit and strengthens the body and plants the seeds of hope for a brighter tomorrow!

Shiloh Camp Mailing Address: 448 NE 70th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

(405) 858-7011 Office