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Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp 2018

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Teen Week June 11-15

Kid Week June 18-22


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Many young people in Oklahoma City need an opportunity to get away from the troubles and temptations of their lives. These “at risk” kids face daily pressures of school violence, gangs, crime, and fragmented homes. Many feel defeated before they ever get started in life. Unfortunately, many kids are unable to afford an escape like summer camp.

Shiloh Camp targets our camping experience to disadvantaged kids who live in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. We provide a great opportunity for young people to experience the love of God and discover His purpose for their lives. Shiloh Camp desires that each child know, without a doubt, that they are important, valued and loved.

Shiloh Camp provides a comprehensive Christian camping experience for kids between the ages of 8 and 16. At camp, kids will experience a piece of heaven while being cared for and served by enthusiastic, loving and committed family group leaders. The leaders will address real life situations that the young people may encounter at home, and spend quality time dealing with these issues. Each camper is placed in a family group with others their own age, along with one family group leader and assistant. They will travel throughout the day with their family groups connecting and building new relationships. The campers have opportunities to create their own works of art (drawing, painting and pottery), enjoy team sports (football, basketball, soccer and volleyball), sing, dance, ride horses, fish, climb, bike, and overcome challenges as a team, all in a beautiful and natural environment.

At full capacity, Shiloh accommodates over 100 campers per week, offering six weeks of summer camp. It is an amazing experience for the campers and staff alike and we would love your partnership as we strive to bring new life to our city.